Solars Re-Energy Group

Renewable energy is the way to a mutually beneficial partnership between man and nature. It not only benefits the environment, but is also a profitable investment for business.

Solars Re-Energy Group is a group of companies providing alternative energy solutions for homes, businesses and cities. Since 2016, we have been generating conscious capacity in the field of renewable energy, developing solutions for the private, corporate and public sectors.

Solars Re-Energy Group has implemented more than 1,300 turnkey projects. In 2019, we opened a representative office in Germany, and in 2021 – in Georgia. Solars Re-energy Group has its own brand solar panel manufacturing in China. The design, engineering and assembly and construction staff of the company includes more than 200 highly qualified specialists.

We help the resources of the environment, which exist in excess, to benefit modern human : to illuminate buildings, to warm in cold weather, to move things that cannot move without energy.

Oleksandr Zykhor, CEO & Founder

Our advantages

The overall strong experience of the company’s engineering group in the field of renewable energy includes projects with a total capacity of more than 410 MW


More than 1,300 turnkey projects have been implemented

Highly qualified maintenance of the equipment installed by us

Direct contracts for the supply of equipment from global manufacturers — leaders in the field of alternative energy

Careful design analysis of needs and engineering calculation, which guarantees the shortest payback period

Legal support for connection and commissioning of the facility and 24/7 service support

Our team

Oleksandr Zykhor

CEO & Founder

Oleksandr Kubankin


Milan Cheipesh

Head of Sales

Yuriy Bilanchuk

Chief Engineer

Mykhailo Chizmar

Personal Manager

Yaroslav Susik

Project Manager