Solars Re-Energy Business

Renewable energy for the business sector

Why is it beneficial?

Move towards energy independence with a reliable solar energy provider — Solars Group.
Independence from electricity tariffs
Fast payback and stability of energy supply
Savings on payments and reducing operating costs

Our projects

How we work

We conduct a detailed technical analysis

We develop a project, perform engineering and technical calculations, select innovative technical solutions that will work for a long time, efficiently and with high quality

We calculate the necessary investments in the project, determine the terms of its payback and economic feasibility

We provide turnkey project implementation

We provide legal support for connection and commissioning of the object

We provide service support, provide online monitoring of the object 24/7, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the solar power plant





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    Solar power plants for business

    Rising electricity tariffs are one of the biggest problems for many entrepreneurs.

    Our company offers the best option for solving this problem – to save electricity at the enterprise to increase the energy efficiency of the business with the help of solar power plants.

    Features of substituting own consumption of electricity

    For most businesses (for example, for small workshops, shops, production shops, warehouses), the use of solar power plants will help reduce annual electricity consumption by up to 80%. Of course, the construction of the SES will not allow businesses to completely abandon network use, but it will be possible to reduce it many times over.

    The use of SPP is aimed to maximally replacing centralized electricity supply during the day and switching to feeding from the general network at night. If the work process is optimally planned, the peak electrical load will occur during daylight hours.

    Who benefits from installing solar power plants?

    We recommend using solar power plants for the following types of business:

    • shopping and entertainment centers;
    • production enterprises;
    • offices;
    • logistics centers;
    • warehouses;
    • farms;
    • livestock farms;
    • factories;
    • association of co-owners of residential buildings.